What’s Simmering ? :D

One of the many things I like about my workplace is the flexibility it offers in terms of timings and location .

Today , I’m Working from Home , which in addition to letting me get done with tasks that require maximum concentration and individual work , also allows me to make and have this for lunch .

  Cauliflowers marinated in yoghurt and spices and slow cooked with peas tomatoes and potatoes , finished off with a garnishing of Kasuri Methi.

Hmm .. I wonder if there’s anything left of that tub of ice cream 🙂


Sunday Night Nom Nom

Sunday Night is a lazy time . And it’s usually a melancholy time . The Monday Blues start creeping in, and if you’re like me , you’re battling the last of the weekend chores and thinking about just how much you’d rather stay in bed the next day  :(.

My energy is at an all weekend low on Sunday night and the only thing I can think of cooking up is a nice fat omelette stuffed with peppers , mushrooms and some nice cheese . So that’s what I did . The rest .. As always , a miracle of Nom-Nominess 🙂

        We wolfed it down with crispy slices of toast .

Bring it On Monday !!