Some More of Amy? Yes Please!

I think Amy Poehler is the BOSS. She’s funny, serious, goofy, wise and brave all at the same time. She’s also vulnerable, quirky, sometimes mean (self admittedly). She THE person you would want to hang out with, share jokes with, watch a comedy show with, drink with, smoke up with, and then trip and freak out with. I wish I could meet her in person (somebody listening up there??) I got introduced to her when I watched bits and pieces of SNL and Parks and Recreation. I dug her up online and read about Upright Citizens Brigade. And then I followed her some more via her awesome endeavour – Smart Girls.

A few weeks ago, I happened to find her book Yes Please, while browsing a bookstore. I had not been looking for it. In fact, I only vaguely knew that she had written a book. And here it was in my hand! Of course, I bought it.

It turned out to be a memoir/ diary / fun conversation kind of book. We see lots of pictures of Amy at various times in her life. We hear her interesting, inspiring and amusing adventures as she deliberately wanders through life. We hear all about her hard work, and everything she that she took with a little pinch of salt. We are told of her wonderful friends and loving family. And it’s all told in a voice that so Amy! Well, that seems about right considering it IS her book!

Image Source: Yes Please ! and my iPhone
Image Source: Yes Please ! and my iPhone

She does not claim to be perfect, she never once downplays the importance of hard work.What I essentially learnt from the book was that if you do something that you love heart and soul, you might not always have the best time , but you will be so much happier and-and prouder of yourself and the life that you build than if you had not done It . Each section of the book is aptly named, in keeping with this central theme.

This book is deeply personal and yet not so. She skips over the gory details of her divorce and she is absolutely entitled to do that and I am glad she did. To me, that would have spoilt the book. I loved the one (and two) liners this book is littered with.

She writes about writing for a Broadway Video online show,

I was happy when we were eventually fired because I was convinced this Internet thing was a passing fad.

This lack of technological foresight is why I am an actor.

She writes about sleep deprivation after children,

I liken it to what it must feel like to walk on the moon and to cry the whole time because you had heard that the moon was supposed to be great but in truth it totally sucks

She has a Plastic Surgery Haiku section where she write things like

Hey, shooting poison

In your face does not keep you

From turning fifty

It’s a wonderful book. Go read it already!!


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