My husband, in one of his usual fits of generosity, gifted me 65 books.

We recently joined a Facebook community called ‘Spread the Word Hyderabad’. A lot more than word-spreading happens here. While we were wondering what to make of a post from a person wanted to know how to make his 15-year-old son a model, we spotted another post.

Someone was offering a crate full of used books for 1000 bucks. Only fiction – no gyaan, the post clearly pointed out. I’m a naturally cautious person (“Phattu” in Yash’s colourful vocabulary) with an innate fear of being attacked and mugged. After much deliberation, messaging and nail-biting, we finally agreed to meet the mysterious seller.

He turned out to be a harmless fellow, carrying the said crate on his two-wheeler, and clearly happy to be getting rid it. Once I had ascertained that there would be no loss of life, limb or jewellery, I was equally happy to take it.

The box turned out to be a delightful mix of chic-lit, thrillers, political dramas and ghost stories. The books were mainly based in England and Ireland . I have read very few books based in Ireland (Scarlett being the notable exception) so Yay!!

This couldn’t have happened at a better time. The temperatures in Hyderabad are soaring at the moment. Nothing seems more enticing than catching the good old book-train from a cool, air-conditioned room. 🙂

I’m on my second book now !



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