Jem, Scout and Jack

Books with children as protagonists fascinate me. To Kill a Mockingbird is hands down my favourite book on the planet. Though Atticus is amazing, I love Scout, Jem and Dill, and I love how long and hard they tried to make Boo Radley come out.

Atticus with Scout and Jem Photo credit:
Atticus with Scout and Jem
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Naturally, when I read Emma Donoghue’s wonderful book Room , I loved it too. Based on the Fritzl case, the book describes life from 5-year-old Jack’s perspective.

Despite being born in captivity, he is healthy, bright, innocent and hopeful, thanks to Ma’s efforts. He loves the world he lives in and enjoys what he thinks is make-believe. When both these worlds collide, though he’s shaken, he moves on, holding Ma’s hand.

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I couldn’t help but compare both the books. Both deal with real life stories, both deal with the physical , psychological and social effects of captivity, and both talk about situations where despite terrible situations, courage, love and empathy shine through. There is understanding, acceptance, and a positive, if not completely happy ending.

What would Jem and Scout have made of Jack had they met? Maybe somewhere in my mind , they will 🙂


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