About a week ago, I began to feel that my brain was about to burst. Well, not really.. But I was pretty close to that.

I had been home for a week because of a sunstroke, and had fed myself a constant stream of visual input. The result – an uncontrollable urge to plaster the walls of my apartment with every item of décor , furnishing and art I had seen, a mad desire to run into the kitchen and bewitch my poor oven to start throwing out dish after dish of delectables, the most annoying itch to pack my bags and fly off to Greece, and so on. You get the drift, right?

Well, turns out, I can only do one thing at a time. And just so I don’t forget everything bright and beautiful that I had seen and would see, I created a blog. Thanks to WordPress, it was the easiest thing to do !

Why did I call it Sherbet Lemon? I guess because one of these days, I had been dreaming of following Harry into Dumbledore’s study. Besides, I love that sweet!


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