Sunday Night Nom Nom

Sunday Night is a lazy time . And it’s usually a melancholy time . The Monday Blues start creeping in, and if you’re like me , you’re battling the last of the weekend chores and thinking about just how much you’d rather stay in bed the next day ¬†:(.

My energy is at an all weekend low on Sunday night and the only thing I can think of cooking up is a nice fat omelette stuffed with peppers , mushrooms and some nice cheese . So that’s what I did . The rest .. As always , a miracle of Nom-Nominess ūüôā

        We wolfed it down with crispy slices of toast .

Bring it On Monday !!



My husband, in one of his usual fits of generosity, gifted me 65 books.

We recently joined a Facebook community called ‘Spread the Word Hyderabad’. A lot more than word-spreading happens here.¬†While we were wondering what to make of a post from a person¬†wanted to know how to make his 15-year-old son a model, we¬†spotted another post.

Someone was offering a crate full of used books for 1000 bucks. Only fiction – no gyaan, the post clearly pointed out. I’m a naturally cautious person (“Phattu” in Yash’s colourful vocabulary) with an innate fear of being attacked and mugged. After much deliberation, messaging and nail-biting, we finally agreed to meet the mysterious seller.

He turned out to be a harmless fellow, carrying the said crate on his two-wheeler, and clearly happy to be getting rid it. Once I had ascertained that there would be no loss of life, limb or jewellery, I was equally happy to take it.

The box turned out to be a delightful mix of chic-lit, thrillers, political dramas and ghost stories. The books were mainly based in England and Ireland . I have read very few books based in Ireland (Scarlett being the notable exception) so Yay!!

This couldn’t have happened at a better time. The temperatures in Hyderabad are soaring at the moment. Nothing seems more enticing than catching the good old book-train from¬†a cool, air-conditioned room. ūüôā

I’m on my second book now !


Jem, Scout and Jack

Books with children as protagonists fascinate me. To Kill a Mockingbird is hands down my favourite book on the planet. Though Atticus is amazing, I love Scout, Jem and Dill, and I love how long and hard they tried to make Boo Radley come out.

Atticus with Scout and Jem Photo credit:
Atticus with Scout and Jem
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Naturally, when I read Emma Donoghue’s wonderful book Room¬†, I loved it too. Based on the Fritzl¬†case, the book describes life from 5-year-old Jack’s perspective.

Despite being born in captivity, he is healthy, bright, innocent and hopeful, thanks to Ma’s efforts. He loves the world he lives in and enjoys what he thinks is make-believe.¬†When both these worlds collide, though he’s shaken, he¬†moves on, holding Ma’s hand.

Image Source
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I couldn’t help but compare both the books. Both deal with real life stories, both deal with the physical , psychological and social effects of captivity, and both talk about situations where despite terrible situations, courage, love and empathy shine¬†through. There is understanding, acceptance,¬†and a positive, if not completely happy ending.

What would Jem and Scout have made of Jack had they met? Maybe somewhere in my mind , they will ūüôā


About a week ago, I began to feel that my brain was about to burst. Well, not really.. But I was pretty close to that.

I had been home for a week because of a sunstroke, and had fed myself a constant stream of visual input. The result Рan uncontrollable urge to plaster the walls of my apartment with every item of décor , furnishing and art I had seen, a mad desire to run into the kitchen and bewitch my poor oven to start throwing out dish after dish of delectables, the most annoying itch to pack my bags and fly off to Greece, and so on. You get the drift, right?

Well, turns out, I can only do one thing at a time. And just so I don’t forget everything bright and beautiful that I had seen and would see, I created a blog. Thanks to WordPress, it was the easiest thing to do !

Why did I call it Sherbet Lemon? I guess because one of these days, I had been dreaming of following Harry into Dumbledore’s study. Besides, I love that sweet!